Posted by: estheramy | June 17, 2012

Week Two

We arrived back home today, Father’s Day, at 5:30 a.m. Chicago time. We had smooth and perfect trip home. But let me back track to our last week, which I will summarize.  Amy has been writing her blog by hand, and will be adding her portion shortly (but it will take a while because it’s quite long – and thankfully more more detailed then mine!)  Monday and Tuesday we basically walked up and down the main street, did a little shopping, got massages, went to the Casa, prayed, meditated, and sat in the gardens. And ATE. Three meals a day, which I don’t normally do at home… and not just three meals, but three extremely healthy meals – fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of salad, fresh fruit juices, smoothies, and one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten: ACAI PUDDING.  Wednesday through Friday we went to the Casa every day, and sat in the Current room. More praying and meditating. The weather was gorgeous the entire time we were there – absolutely perfect (warm and sunny!)  Until the day before we left when it rained for a bit in the late afternoon – but even then, it was only a light drizzle.  And the smell of the rain was spectacular!  We did a lot of shopping, I have never purchased so many gifts for myself! LOL  Mostly jewelry, lots of crystals, a meditation CD, a gorgeous mandella (for my sign & name), and a few photos of John of God and the Entities to frame.

Me and Amy Schmoozing Around

Bike Riding

Amy and a pretty tree

Amy eating breakfast at the Amazon Pousada

Pousada Dom Ingrid (across the street from our Pousada)

Amy at the Casa

Casa Dom Inacio

It was such a different way of life where we were.  So laid back and simple. I feel completely well rested and refreshed.  I feel wonderful!  I did have to work while I was there, but just for about 2 hours a day, as opposed to the usual 12-15, it was a much needed break. But now, back to reality, and I have so much catching up to do. The next couple weeks for me are going to be insane… it was to be expected though, and I will get through it somehow.

Now I will continue taking the herbs prescribed by the Entities for the next 90 days. So this means NO alcohol for the next 90 days – this is going to be extremely difficult for me. Especially since it will be the entire summer… no cold beer at barbeques, no red wine on the weekends when we go out to dinner (especially my favorite – Friday nights at Anastasias for pizza, when I love to have red wine with my pizza! 🙂 But I have committed to this protocol, and as I have said all along, if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do this right. It’s not going to be easy though…

Do I think this trip has helped me?  ABSOLUTELY YES.  I do feel different, and as though I have changed somehow in the last 2 weeks. It’s too early to say now if my health will be improved by this trip, but if I had to guess, I would say that yes, it will. I say this because I have faith, and because during the time we were in Abadiania, we met SO many people who either knew people who had been healed (or their health/situation improved) or had been healed themself (or their health/situation improved).  I can say with completely honesty, that thus far, we have not heard one negative story or experience based on anybody’s visit to the Casa and John of God.  All have been positive.  So I have every reason to believe my story will be positive as well. As was preached at the Casa when we were in current… I am going to have faith and patience.  I am going to try with all of my might not to worry, because I know that worry is a wasted energy. I realize it is easier said then done, but I will truly put my all into TRYING not to worry. I will TRY to remain positive and hopeful.

Triangle Cloud (at the Casa)

No matter what happens though, I will never, ever regret my visit to John of God and to the Casa. It was the most important trip (and journey) of my life. Although we have our disagreements, although we do bicker and argue sometimes (and we did on this trip, occasionally, LOL)  As I told Amy, some of her traits that drive me crazy (like her need to strike up conversation with literally every human being that crosses her path) are the same traits that I love so much about her too. We had a lot of time to discuss the traits that we like and don’t like about each other… so that was good! 🙂  I am so, so glad that Amy came with me!  I have said at the beginning of this blog, there is NOBODY in the world I would have wanted to come with me more than my mom. My Mommy. My Sister and my Best Friend. My greatest supporter. I am so glad and grateful that we were able to have two weeks of QUALITY time together, I will cherish it tremendously, and I know she will too.


Having a Smoothie, Cheers!

Casa Gardens

Good times



So Amy is already talking about our “next trip.” LOL  Maybe we will go back to John of God someday?  I wouldn’t say it’s out of the question, at all. We had a magnificent adventure, Amy and I, and we will look forward to many more adventures to come.



  1. You are two brave ladies. When I got to the part where Esther says, “I am so glad Amy came with me … my mommy … sister … best friend …” I cried. I’m sure it’s very hard to describe what happened there, what the current is like, what you felt and learned, but you two are doing a great job of intriguing your worldwide readership. Can’t wait to read more. Daniella’s Big Sis Lee

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