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Week One in Abadiania

There are so many details that I will miss as I describe our trip so far.  For some reason, until now, we have not been able to add any posts.  It’s been so frustrating! 😦  So we’ve just been writing our blogs to add when we can – and now we can – yay!  This first post is going to include the first week, from the time we left Chicago (June 4) through Saturday, June 9.  It’s super duper crazy long, because I’ve decided not to break it down into separate posts as originally planned.  The posts to follow will be added in the normal fashion… and as mentioned at the end of this post – I will add photos later on!Here goes….

We departed Chicago O’ Hare Monday, June 4 in the evening, 9:33 p.m. Once we figured out that our terminal was 1 and not 3 or 5 like everyone (Mike and Dad) was telling us, things went seamlessly at the airport.  We were perfectly on schedule, the security lines short, and even enough time to go to Berghoff’s for a huge corn beef sandwich and a few Stellas for me, and a couple Guinness for Amy.  Our original seats on the plan were 2 isles over from each other, so I moved to an empty seat (there were 2 empty seats available) in front of Amy.  The guy sitting next to me (2 seats over) was named Nathaniel, and he was a riot! He was 26 years old, and wearing snoopy pajama pants. (at least they looked like pajama pants!) He was going to Rio to decide if he wanted to move to Brazil permanently. We chatted a while, but I only felt like socializing for a bit. I really just wanted to RELAX and read my smut magazines. The flight went by super fast – I read a couple magazines, watched a documentary, slept for 4 or 5 hours and next thing I knew we were preparing for landing!  We arrived to the San Paulo airport, went through customs, re-checked our bags, somehow, miraculously found our gate (because as I told my mom later on… although she didn’t realize this at the time, I had NO CLUE where to go at the San Paulo airport – our ticket said we should to gate 1 but they switched gates. Anyway, there is no doubt divine intervention was into play to help us find our gate and the bus we were to board to go to our plane.

We arrived to the Brasilia airport, grabbed our luggage, and began searching for the taxi driver who was supposed to be waiting for us (with sign with our name on it).  We couldn’t locate him, so we decided we’d instead take another taxi. We exchanged money, grabbed a taxi, and away to Abadiania we went!

Two hours later (when we were told it was an hour and 15 minutes) we arrived to Abadiania, at nightfall (about 6:45 p.m.) The taxi driver, who spoke only Portuguese, wanted to know where to drop us off  naturally. We shuffled through our paperwork and found that the itinerary said they would be at the Pousada at 6:15, so I figured, we’d just go to the Pousada and see if they were still there.  One problem. I thought the name of our hotel was the Pousada Hotel, I didn’t realize that every hotel here is a Pousada, that Pousada means Hotel. And there are 14 Pousadas here, all within about a 3-5 blook radius!  The taxi driver was on a mission to help us figure out where we were supposed to be. We first stopped at a Pousada called Pousada Sol. Fortunately, there was a guy who spoke English, Omar, and he told us he knew of Adrienne (the other guide, not ours, ours is Brooke) so if Adrienne and Brooke work together, he knows that Adrienne usually has her groups stay at the Pousada Amazon. So we drove over to the Pousada Amazon, asked if Brooke and her group were staying there, and they didn’t know. Then our taxi driver proceeded to drive around from Pousada to Pousada, until finally I said, “let’s just get out, find a computer” (there are several internet cafes here) “and email Adrienne and Brooke to find them!”

I jumped on my email, send them a not-so-happy, not-so-friendly email with “URGENT-WE ARE HERE BUT WE CANNOT FIND THE HOTEL” in the subject line.

Then we went and ate. We were starving, so the food, which would have been delicious anyway – everything made from scratch and completely fresh – was even more delicious.  Amy ordered a salad and quesadillas, I ordered a tuna sandwich on wheat toast.  Also, an acai smoothy, which has become a staple for me since I’ve been here! 🙂

I was in much better spirits after my tummy was filled.  We went back to the internet café, checked email and ouila, and email back from Adrienne letting us know the name of the Pousada was Pousada Brazil, only a couple doors down from the internet café!  We walked to our hotel (which took about 30 seconds) and checked in. Now here is the part where I will rely on my mom to share details, because there really is just little way for me to describe the Pousada (motel).  We do each have our own room, and they are next to each other, but I didn’t want to sleep in my own room, I thought it would be more fun to share the room with Amy. (and it has!)  It’s actually worked out perfectly because the rooms are TINY – one room with all of our stuff in it would be too crowded/cluttered, but since my suitcase and my stuff is in my room, and I am just sleeping in “Amy’s room,” it’s working out great!  We are having so much fun together, we are literally having a BLAST!  And each night before bed, it’s very comforting, we each lay in bed and read.  Amy falls asleep with a book on her face, and I eventually put the book down and pass out, around 1:00 a.m.  I guarantee I am the only person awake in this Pousada past midnight!



Pousada lobby, another angle

Pousada lobby


Me on my bed


At home, I watch t.v. every night, it’s a ritual Mike and I have – and we both enjoy it immensely.  We have certain shows we like to watch every night… shows like, “How I Met Your Mother,” and “The Old Adventures of New Christine.” And of course, “Friends” reruns.  But here, I have watched NO t.v., literally none.  Instead I’ve been reading!  Finally catching up with all of the reading I have needed to do, and wanted to do. I’m just loving all this reading!  Just finished “The Last Lecture,” which was aweso3me and depressing at the same time… and now, finishing the final 1/3 of “Steve Jobs,” which I’ve been working on since Christmas, 2011, when my brother in law gave it to me as a gift!  It’s been amazing having time to read, I’m so enjoying it.


I’m sitting at Frutti’s Café, having a Detox  Cocktail and a double Americano.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous – perfect – about 80 degrees, a very slight breeze, and the bluest of blue skies.  They have seating in front, so that is of course where I am right now.  A dog takes a nap on the ground a few feet from me; he is completely content, too.  Amy is having a massage, and I will have my massage after lunch. Life is good.





Back (garden) at Frutti’s


Front of Fruttis



After all of the hullabaloo the night before, Day 2 was amazing.  The day started with breakfast at 7:00 a.m. at the Pousada: granola, fresh fruit, breads, jellies, and of course the FANTASTIC Brazillian coffee… mmmmm.  Then, in all white of course, we walked down the main road, with hundreds of others, towards the Casa.  I’m not good at describing detail, so I will leave most of the detail sharing about the Casa to Amy.  Picture about 1000 (maybe more) people in white, most who look healthy from outside appearances (like me), but many also visably sick or with ailment (in a wheelchair, walker, etc.) There are photos of Jesus, the Entities, and John of God. We got called through and I went through the First Line, meaning it is your first time going before John of God.  I say, “I” because Amy had to leave the line to go to the bathroom, so she had to go through first line the next day. When I got up to the front of the line, John of God looked at me and said, “Operation,” in Portuguese. My Operation was scheduled for 2:00 that day – after lunch. I had no idea what to expect and had mixed feelings of excitement and curiosity and a little fear, just because I didn’t know what to expect.


The Casa-1st day


Lines at the Casa


The Casa


Soup time at the Casa


John of God


Amy and I – Friday night at the Casa (after Current)



Surgery was a fascinating experience, and I can say almost a week later that I believe it has helped me.  Along with about 100 people, we sat together and placed our hands on the part of our body that needs healing. We were instructed to place our hand on our heart if we had several parts that needed healing. I placed one hand on my heart, and one hand on my tailbone, and with all of my might, for the next 45 or so minutes, I prayed for healing.


After our operations, we went outside and sat down – I believe all of us who participated were in a daze.  Then we were given the rules for the 24 hour period post operation:  We were to go to our rooms at our Posadas, and go to sleep for the next 24 hours. We could be awake occasionally to eat, and to take the herbs which were prescribed for the next 40 days, starting the day of the operation. We should continue drinking the blessed water, and eating the blessed soup. Other than drinking the water, taking the herbs, and eating, we were to sleep.  That was very important, as the time when we slept post operation is when the Entity continued his work and our healing. I couldn’t imagine how I was going to sleep for 24 hours! I don’t think I’ve ever slept for 24 hours straight – other than, I suppose, after my surgery in 2010. But I snuggled up in my little cot-bed, and at 4:00 Brazillian time (2:00 p.m. at home) I went to sleep. I actually did a pretty good job, I have to say, as I only woke up about 4 times in the 24 hour period, and for pretty short stints. The longest that I was up, was from about 9:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. the next day. After going to bed at 4:00 p.m. the day before, I woke up at 9:00 and thought, “how am I going to lay here for another 7 hours?” – but I just closed my eyes, and prayed, and thought healing thoughts… and I thought to myself, “I’m HERE… I need to do this right and not cut corners,” and so, I forced myself back to sleep again.  The 24 hours of sleep went by faster than I thought it would. I woke up, took a shower and felt so refreshed… then dinner.  The meals have been wonderful, totally fresh fruits and vegetables, and lots and lots of salad. Since we are not to have alcohol, I’ve also been drinking a ton of juice, smoothies, and coffee.  I’ve never eaten so healthy as I have been since I’ve been here!


We spent all of Friday in the current room. The current room is a room adjoined to the surgery room and the room where John of God sits as people go through the lines to see him/the Entities.  The current room begins at 7:20 a.m. and then again at about 1:20 p.m.  Friday, we were in the current room from 7:20 until 10:30 a.m., then we had the blessed soup (which is served a couple times a day, and is part of the healing  process as well) then lunch mid day (another fabulous & healthy lunch!) and then back to the current room from 1:20 – 6:00 p.m.  Yes, over four and a half hours in the afternoon of meditation.  This is what we are to do in the current room – meditate – and while we are meditating, our vibes/currents are used to help John of God and the Entities in their healing.  I don’t completely understand it myself, so this is not the best explanation.  Amy will probably do a much better job of sharing about the current rooms.  I have never experienced something like this in my life though. I’ve never even meditated, so my first time was for 7 ½ hours (with a few hour break in between).  I loved it – it was very powerful.


Saturday we schmoozed around the “town” (the one street, LOL) and did some shopping.  I got a foot massage and Amy had a manicure and pedicure.  We went to the Casa and sat on the benches, overlooking the gorgeous, lush, hilly landscape before us. I don’t think there could be a place on earth more serene. I looked at photos of the very spot where we sat (and have continued to sit each day we’ve been here) online before our trip, and KNEW we were supposed to be in this very spot. So glad we made it.


Sunday we went to the sacred waterfall in the morning along with some of the members of our group, including our guide, Brooke.  As it has been every day here, the weather was PERFECT, although slightly chilly in the a.m. We walked down to the water fall in silence (a rule at the water fall) and took turns going under the water… which was quite cold, but also refreshing!  Then we (Amy and I) walked around the town a bit, before we had to get ready to go to Vagafogo!  Vagafogo is a sanctuary/farm in Pirinopolis, which is about 2 hours drive from Abadiania.  We loaded up the van and away we went… it was a beautiful drive but I was crapping in my pants the whole ride, as the driver was driving about 100 miles an hour it felt like!  I tried to read to take my mind off the scary driving (I was still reading “The Last Lecture,” which I finished on that ride.  We arrived to Vagafogo and before we were to walk the property, we sat down to the MOST DELICIOUS LUNCH EVER.  Various breads, rolls, butters, jams, chutneys, roasted garlic, cheeses, spreads, deserts, fresh juices… all completely home made and from items from their farm. Amy and I were in ecstasy!  There were so many flavors and textures to enjoy, it was absolute heaven. We stuffed ourselves (I just ate and ate, I felt like I was going to blow up!) but I know that a meal like this is a once in a lifetime.  Then after this amazingly special meal, we walked through the forest, and well.. again, as this is just too difficult to describe in words, I will just post some photos when I get home.

Sunday morning, heading to waterfall

En route to Vagafogo



Our Guide, Brooke





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