Posted by: estheramy | May 28, 2012

Wonder if we’ll sit on these benches?

Visa problem. They emaield me and said that we didn’t include a money order from the U.S.P.S. as we were supposed to.  I got the money order from the bank instead. Stupid me. Oh and we forgot to include self addressed envelopes.  The guy/gal, whoever it is, because they don’t sign a name, said it takes 10 days to process once they receive everything.  That is not going to work for us. We are supposed to leave one week from tomorrow.  We are now going to have to go back downtown AGAIN – for the 3rd time – and BEG THEM to expedite our Visas.  I really hope we can go next week, it will be horrible if our trip has to be cancelled or post poned.

I just hope we have the opportunity to sit on these benches – me and Amy, Amy and me.



  1. Esther, I looooooove your posting. C’est Moi, Amy

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