Posted by: estheramy | May 18, 2012


To go to Brazil, we need a Visa.  I’ve never needed a Visa to go to a foregin country before, so this is new to me.  We have been having the most difficult time getting this darn thing!  We went downtown Tuesday, May 8, with our information in hand, but when we arrived at 1:00, they wouldn’t allow us in because they only deal with the Visa’s from 9:00-11:00 a.m. We begged and pleaded, but it was a firm, “NO, We only assist with Visas between 9:00-11:00a.m.!”  Really??  Two hours a day?  That’s a pretty small window!

Then we went back to Chicago a week later (this past Tuesday, May 15)  but this time, we weren’t prepared because we were supposed to fill out the required form online, and it HAS to be done online. Plus we didn’t have a cashier’s check. Everyone at the office keeps saying to us, “haven’t you read the website?  All of this information is on the website!” Well I’m sorry, it’s CONFUSING to me and I’m pretty capable of reading websites. But whatever. So we figured okay, we’ll just go home, fill out the form online, print and mail to them as they said we could do.  We left the Brazilian Consulate, went home and immediately filled out the form and gathered our information to Federal Express. We thought we were done with the process and just waiting for our Visas to arrive in the mail.

Then today, Mike (hubby) calls me while I’m on the way to work and tells me, “I think your Visa arrived!” I was so happy, I thought, “Wow, that was quick!” But guess what… it wasn’t the Visa, it was all of our information RETURNED TO SENDER.  Since they don’t have anyone who can talk with you on the phone at the Brazilian Consulate, I had to email them (which I hate doing in these kind of cases, I just want to be able to call and talk with A PERSON) which I did this morning.

Here is my email:


 My name is Esther___.  My mother and I are TRYING to go to Brazil June 4 – 16.

 We recently went to your office at 401 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 1850, and since we didn’t fill out the form online, or have a cashier’s check, we weren’t able to submit our information for the visa.  We were instructed to complete the form online, print and follow the instructions (send in photo, passport, cashier’s check etc.) and we did this. We mailed it FEDERAL EXPRESS to your office on Tuesday afternoon of this week.

 Today, I received at my home the entire packet sent back to me, with a note from FED EX that said, “Returned to Sender,” and then something about your office not requesting the mail so they rejected it.

 I am thoroughly confused. You tell people to mail the information and then reject it?

 Now there is no way for me to get down there because of the NATO demonstration downtown, and we are supposed to leave June 4!!! What are we going to do??????

Please help us, we are trying so hard to get a Visa but it seems your office is making it almost impossible for us.  We are not able to get the money back that we’ve paid for our trip, and we do not want to have to cancel because we weren’t able to get the Visa in time.

 Is there a way to expedite it if I can somehow make it down there again on Tuesday or Wednesday next week? 😦

 Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,


Here is information about the NATO Summitt march going on in Chicago as we speak – it is scheduled to go through Monday, and there is just no way in the world I will be able to go downtown until it ends.  Pretty interesting stuff though, check it out!,0,1985964.htmlpage

Then I receive this email from the Visa department (luckily they responded pretty quickly!)

Dear Madam,

If you read our website you will see that we do not accept any correspondence from UPS, FEDEX or DHL.  We do process visas via mail, but you have to utilize the US postal system,

 Setor de Vistos
Visas Department/mk

I didn’t see anywhere that said we couldn’t Fed Ex and that it HAD to be U.S.P.S.!!! WTH!!!

So now today I will go to the post office and mail the information BACK TO THEM regular mail.  I am getting very nervous as we are approaching 2 weeks until the day we leave.  Here’s to hoping we get our Visa’s in time – that would Suck if we had to cancel the trip because we didn’t have our freakin’ Visas.  Argh.



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